All Gussied Up edish

GPOYW: Annabel & I go to Burger King edish

On top of Mt. Tamalpais

GPOYW: I tried Lacey’s milkmaid braids and they turned out okay. I blame stick straight dry hair & layers for the mediocrity of this hairdo. 

GPOYW: Pixel me!

GPOYW: real long hair edish

GPOYW: Mom & me edish

Y’all this is a big day for me.

I fit into my skinny jeans. My Gap Size 6L Low Rise Bootcut jeans from 2003. The last time I was able to fit into these jeans was probably sometime in 2007. 

I’ve lost 13 lbs this year… 10 more to go. 

GPOYW: Just meeting Jessica Hische edish

GPOYW: SXSW 2009 edish

GPOYW: Trying the chocolate covered bacon at Frank (which I hated) edish